Coursework writing has become an effective way of checking student’s knowledge. GCSE coursework is a qualification exam for British secondary school students. Being not compulsory, it is still the most common and popular way to get a certificate.

Apart from the British coursework writing system, colleges and universities in English-speaking countries have designed their assignments for coursework writing as a way of in-depth examination and investigation of a specific subject.

Coursework writing is usually longer than any other kind of academic writing. The reason for it is clear: the aim of writing a coursework is closer to that of dissertation writing, although it is shorter in terms of completion. Students spend time on individual investigations and come up with a big academic research. In order to be successful in coursework writing, any student has to keep up with class pace. The assignment is based on the materials studied in class. The necessity of taking notes during the lectures is obvious. Good notes are already a half of the work assigned. If you choose to skip the classes, make sure that you, at least, make up on the notes.

Here are five basic steps you will have to take in order to write your coursework:

  1. Coursework: Topic
  2. Coursework: Abstract
  3. Coursework: Introduction
  4. Coursework: Results and Analysis
  5. Coursework: Conclusion

Coursework: Topic

Coursework writing begins with choosing a topic. A topic has to be an important question. If you hesitate about the assigned topic, or do not know what to start with, feel free to ask your instructor for advice. It is not his/her duty to write a coursework for you, but he/she can definitely help with the sources, or prompt you how it is better to begin working.

Coursework: Abstract

A good idea is to start coursework writing with an Abstract (sometimes it is also called an executive summary). It is usually a paragraph of about 200 words long that summarizes the research conducted, explains new terminology and the importance of the investigated question. Usually, an abstract is the last to write, because by the time you finish coursework writing, you will know for sure the most important points of the paper, and the best way to review them briefly.

Coursework: Introduction

As coursework writing is a well-structured assignment, Abstract is naturally followed by Introduction, which describes the necessity of research in greater details and gives the hypotheses. Your hypothesis should be a suggested explanation of the issue that you researched. There can be several hypotheses, as long as you realize that ten is just too much. A hypothesis can either suggest causal relationships such as A causes B, or set up correlations (in this case A is related to B). The introduction should also include your predictions and expectations (later you will talk about them and point out whether they were true, or not). These should have serious grounds, because you are writing a scientific research.

Coursework: Results and Analysis

If you have important graphs, charts, and tables, include them into the Results and Analysis section. All illustrations have to be numbered properly. If the content of your coursework writing does not involve visual components, it is better to refuse from using them (although they make coursework writing visually bigger in size) for the sake of the overall impression.

Coursework: Conclusion

Finally, write a conclusion. Concentrate on the methodology you used during research, and evaluate it. Was it effective enough? Did it bring you the expected results? If it did not, explain what could have been done differently to give you a positive outcome. Analyze the procedures critically. Try to give your coursework writing an independent look of a regular reader. Underline the importance of your research and the impact it will have on future investigations.

After all the work is done, compile a bibliography and make sure all the sources are listed correctly, in accordance with the writing style requirements of your school or university. Go over your writing and see if all the headings and subheadings are at their places. Do not forget to write a Title Page, if it is required. Do editing by correcting stylistic mistakes and checking grammar and punctuation. See if the main question of the coursework writing was answered, and turn in the paper.

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